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  • Puppy Palace for Sure!

    Love everything about this place. They do all the work for you. It’s the cleanest place I’ve ever seen and the staff is amazing. The dogs all love them. Even though my puppy was given all shots and exams I brought him to my vet for a double check and he said he was “perfectly healthy “ he wished all his patients were like mine.

    Darcy A

  • Best Experience I've Had Yet !

    When we walked into puppy palace we were so excited to look at all the well taken care of puppies, I was very impressed. We also were helped by the staff member Eric, he made the time there even better and knew all the information we needed to know, we ended up taking home a beautiful little Valley Bulldog that day and never have looked backed! She is just what we needed for our family, let me tell you if you are looking to add a new fur baby to your family this is the ONLY place I would go!

    Donzie & Morgan Taylor ♡

  • The best place to find a puppy.

    We had been searching for a long time looking for the perfect new family member. Then we found Puppy Palace and have never looked back. We found the perfect little gal and love her more every day.

    Kloe M.

  • I Would Rate a 10

    Not sure where to start because my experience here was a 10. I found the perfect French Bull dog for my family. They answered all of my questions and then took care of everything for us. He's just as they said, and we couldn't be happier with our new family member.

    Arnold C.